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About me

Hello. I’m Ilya Siganov, a web-developer at 7bits with experience in machine learning and data analysis. I’m a Ph.D. student at Omsk State University in CS.

I create weird projects. Study how to look inside atificial neural networks. Big fan of SOLID, clean architecture and so on. Also, teach students to do programming and machine learning. In spare time I with my team create indie games.

I currently develop a local machine learners community and Kaggle club.


  • Neural networks
  • Computer vision
  • Generative Models
  • Game development
  • Software architecture
  • Teaching


  • PhD student in Computer Science, 2020

    Omsk State University

  • MS in Infomation Security, 2016

    Omsk State University



Course Instructor

Omsk State University

Sep 2017 – Present Omsk, Russia
Read lections, conduct practises of 2-semesters of Programming (C, C++, Python) for 1st year students. Have full marking and grading responsibilities

Research Developer


Oct 2014 – Present Omsk, Russia

Ruby developer

Live Typing

Sep 2013 – Jun 2014 Omsk, Russia
I developed web applications for social networks, such as Facebook, Vk, and Odnoklassniki.

System administrator

Aug 2012 – Aug 2014 Omsk, Russia
I was responsible for intranet of workshop with 50 computers. Some of them were even Dos and Pentium II. Also wrote some software for laser-machines in C and client-side application in Qt C++, that used OpenCV to detect figures that laser drown.



An application to turn selfie into anime version using GAN


Change you hairstyle with the power of Neural Networks!

Kawaii Search

An application to find similar pictures based on the VGG16 and kNN


As a participant of the CAT_IN_THE_DARK team:

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Что может и что (ещё) не может искусственный интеллект 2
Прохладная история преподавателя
Что может и что (ещё) не может искусственный интеллект

Recent Publications

Доказательство с нулевым разглашением как метод аутентификации в веб-приложениях

В статье рассмотрен альтернативный протокол аутентификации для веб-приложений, основанный на доказательстве с нулевым разглашением. …

Защита личных данных пользователя в браузерах

Безопасность браузеров обычно подразумевает установку защищенного соединения, защиту от запуска сторонних вредоносных программ на …


Приложение для передачи текстовой информации с помощью вспышки и сенсора света.